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Multi-Aircraft Maintenance "Skyhook" Crane

The Model 9720-010 is an air transportable, portable and highly maneuverable, self-contained manually operated utility crane, designed and built under contract FA8518-05-D-0003 for the United States Air Force. The 9720-010 meets or exceeds Department of Defense requirements for use in adverse conditions, with ease of operation, rapid deployment and very low maintenance.

Part Number:9720-010

1500 lb



T.O. Number:35D4-4-59-1
Multi-AircraftMulti-Task Capabilities
F-22F-35Ejection SeatCanopyWindscreen
F-16F-15StabilizerAileronGear Box
A-10F-5DeceleronLEF PDUAmmo Drum
T-38H-60Gun SystemNacelleRotor Blade
UAVs Fuel CoolerEPUSpeed Brake
  Wing/LE FlapAPUH-60 Transmsn.
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